Sometimes Life is a Movie 

All of us see a movie or television show that we want to replicate in real life or find certain inspiration from. One of those movies for me was a favorite of mine in high school… A Walk to Remember.

You may be asking how a Nicholas Sparks movie, that wasn’t The Notebook, has had so much of an impact on me and this blog and I have two very good reasons. First, this masterpiece of a film is where I first learned of the bucketlist idea and it is something that has clearly stuck with me for over ten years. Second, one of the items on Jamie’s (Mandy Moore) list before she died was being in two places at one time. After all these years, I have finally been able to also check this item off my list twice this year.

In April, me and a friend found ourselves in a bit of an adventure after making a wrong turn on our way home from Las Vegas. We ended up at the Hoover Dam, which was amazing in itself. However, while there, we saw that we could straddle the state line between Nevada and Arizona! The picture above documents just that.

Fast forward to my backpacking trip and this concept was taken a step further. While in London, we learned that Greenwich is home to the spot where you can be in two separate hemispheres at the same time. Of course this journey of mine is to complete this bucketlist, so there was no question that this was going to be a stop on this trip. I can tell you this choice did not disappoint, as there were spectacular views also included.

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