Giving Back Abroad

Although I only started this blog a few weeks ago, I started my attempt at completing this bucket list a few years ago. When I created this list at twenty-five, there was a lot of Pinteresting and internet research, while also trying to keep it somewhat realistic. But one thing I always knew I wanted to do was have something on there that meant I was giving back to society.

Completing #18 was one of the first items I was able to complete. I had the opportunity to go on a missions trip to an impoverished area of the Dominican Republic and Haiti. I had every intention of going over their in an attempt to make an impact on the lives of children that I would be working with. But as with many people who do volunteer work know, it ends up being you who had been changed by the individuals you were meant to help.

The main mission of our trip was to build sanitary wells for water to help two orphanages, while also helping with daily needs of the school for the orphanage in the Dominican Republic. But the most rewarding part of the entire trip was each moment I had spent with the children in each village. These little humans would not know they were needing for anything and lived happy lives.

Then, while writing this blog, it clicked. How lucky am I that I even have the opportunity to dream this big and make this list of items that are absolutely obtainable and these children are just grateful for the time we spend with them and the clean water they will drink? Although I am not able to give every single person who is not as fortunate in life as me their own bucketlist, I can choose on how this journey affects me and the other people I come in contact with.

This past year has taught me a large amount about life and the curve balls it throws at you. What I have come to realize is that it is all at how you duck before the ball comes. Following my backpacking trip to Europe (yes that post will be coming) I came to the decision to approach every one of these items with the utmost graciousness. With that, I hope to bring inspiration, joy and humor to each of these future posts in the hopes to bring at least one of those adjectives to the person reading it on the other sign of the screen.

With that, I want to leave you with three organizations that you should most definitely research if you have ever even thought about traveling abroad to make a difference for even one second.

  • GO Ministries:  Although I may be biased, this organizations covers a multitude of areas that are beneficial to giving back. You can volunteer in areas that cover nutrition, sports, medical, children and construction.  These teams travel all over the world and you could be part of that GO Team.
  • Habitat for Humanity: This organization is extremely well known with quite a few esteemed supporters and rightfully so. Habitat for Humanity allows you to give back in both big and small ways with opportunities local and abroad. To learn more on how to get involved, you can attend a local event to learn more or reach out to the chapter most near to you.
  • Global Vision International: Although I have personally volunteered with this organization, I have come across them in my research on who I will use in my next trip. Their presence abroad is extensive and the program seems to have different ways of participating for each personality type.

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