That Time I Crossed Off #6

Six. I had no attachment to this number until now. Six months ago, I stepped foot on a plane bound for Europe without looking back. I started on a journey, on a quest, to cross the sixth item on my bucket list off. Not only did I do that, but I changed my life forever.

We all have those defining moments in life we can either use in life as a positive catalyst or as a parachute that holds us back. I had one of those, and it left me battered, broken and feeling like a failure.  I sold it to my family as a self discovery trip and that it was something I NEEDED. What I didn’t know is I mostly needed to sell it to myself. I think if I hadn’t been in the state of despair I was in before I left, the trip wouldn’t have nearly had the impact that it did.

I left six months ago to the day and stepped on the plane with more baggage than the backpack I carried. With me, I brought unhealthy coping mechanisms, a battered ego and a bruised heart. But, I stepped on that tarmac in Dublin with my heart and hands open wanting to change my attitude and soften me.

With so much going on in the world, I wanted to post a reminder that the world is a beautiful place and that you can meet genuine and kind people all over the world. I hope you enjoy the video below as a picture is worth a thousand words in this instance.

Europe 2015 from Valerie Lewis on Vimeo.


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